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We are a team of talented and trained professionals providing instant chat support.

Who We Are

Carrying over decades of experience in various domains, we provide chat based support solutions for all the software related issues including Microsoft products, Major printers and Apple devices.

Our Values

Small support to value your machines.

Email support

Email communication is done through various mail clients. We help to configure your emails on IMAP or POP3 and also capable to support exchange server emails, Our email support program includes the backups and contacts listing and restoration of your old emails.

Office related

We can install and upgrade any level of office programs for your computer. We can resolve any kind of errors that occur during the installation or repair process for office programs.

Updates related

Updates are important to have for your software. We help you to install the updates and solve the problems with any kind of interruptions during the updates. Our service levels gives you advanced updates and upgrades.


Assured Support programs helps you to get ontime support.

Direct chat support

Solutions Training.

Software and hardware support

Drivers and updates.

Virus cleaning

Browser support

Our Advanced Support Level programs includes

We provide personal email support. Some of the recent issues on corrupted email folders include operation cannot be performed while you try to copy or move emails. We can use our knowledgebase solutions that can help you with the email configuration protocols for various email providers like gmail,comcast,att,yahoo, etc.

Monthly checks are meant for the maintenance of your software. It includes cleanup, deletion of temp or junk files. We also perform regular system updates and resolve if any errors. Ensure your security program is up-to-date.

Advance troubleshooting methods we use include the third party programs and some antimalware programs and advanced cleanup tools. We troubleshoot any kind of system file errors and resolve corrupted file issues.

Email support is very important for any users. Instead of risking the emails you have received or sent from long periods needs attention. Our team organizes the emails backup and restoration process. We can sort the emails and apply the rules and also help you to resolve spam emails.

Fully documented CRM application to maintain the case information.

Value every incident

We document every single case and help you to recollect the previous cases anytime you request.The issues once solved will have full documentation to explain you the case history.

Simple Escalation matrix

Our team comprises of experts and we answer and solve the issues directly. If a case is escalated, we will sit with our team and discuss and conclude about the solution steps.

Unlimited Time for support.

Issue solutions are challenging at times and we should dedicatedly monitor the issue causing aspects. The challenging feature with our support is Unlimited support program.

Positive feedbacks

We ensure our services gets positive talks from our clients. We post the same feedback that we receive from our clients. We hope people must talk about our services than us.

Hundred Percent genuine support

Our support programs are hundred percent genuine and gives you full satisfaction. We also advise the products required for your computer.

Exclusive support Assist

Our premium team is different from the front-line engineers. We value our customers time and provide them premium support through our experts.


List of Products from Assured Assist Solutions


Assured drive care allows you to make a boot drive that can fix all your system boot problems. It helps you to back up and also restore data from a crashed computer.

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Driver updater

It’s a simple tool for updating your drivers Faulty drivers can be a pain in the neck for computer users. You’ll be using your computer and everything’s fine and then one day, nothing works properly....

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HD Care apps are protects your hard drive from bad sectors and defragments automatically.

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Assured antimalware programs will provide you the system safety and fights against malicious programs.

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Assured Virus removal program acts as a firewall and gives your computer an advanced security shield for your computer.

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Advanced cleanup tool program gives your computer a automatic scheduled cleanup procedure. Discards the unwanted temp files and junk files from your computer and speeds up your computer performance.

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Check our Pricing

Single Incident

Start from $30
  • May vary subject to the system resources and time on your computer.
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Multi Incident

Starter Plan

Starts from $75
  • It gives you the assured support upto three incidents and the support is guaranteed for 3 months.
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Annual support plan

$29 / mo
  • This helps you to get unlimited support for our computer including the features explain above and then the assured support plan for one year.
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Small Home Business Plan

$49 / mo
  • support 5 devices are covered in this plan and you receive all benefits of assured annual plan..
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Multi year plans.

$49 / mo
  • We also have this assured covered for multi years. It is recommended to talk to the professionals to opt for any long term plans.
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It covers you the monthly checks with a direct chat button. You can directly connect to our professionals on chat anytime you needed help.

Office software keeps updating and the latest versions release once in every two years.

Latest windows update is available on the manufacturer portals. Some of the devices covered under ESU plans receives the updates manually from the experts,

Outlook is a mail app an dyou require to find the pop3 or Imap to configure the emails on your program. It is either offline or online depending up on your choice of protocols


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I have received the quick solutions for my Email problems and I hope they are the best techs.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

It is definitely the best support company I have worked with, Jeremy is my best tech.. I appreciate

Sara Wilsson


Thank you for a wonderful result for my Ecommerce site. Now I amm able to achieve my targets.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Brilliant tech support guys, they have resolved multiple complex problems on my computer. I appreciate the work they did.

Matt Brandon


Perfect support page with easy options to call and get tech support on chat and remote.

John Larson



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